Abdul-Aliy A. Muhammad and Uriah Bussey, #Medstrike: Confronting the Non-Profit Industrial Complex, 2021

A chronicle of Abdul-Aliy A. Muhammad’s 2017 medication strike against the Mazzoni Center, a LGBT health clinic in Philadelphia, and the direct action campaign by the Black and Brown Workers Cooperative that preceded it

Commissioned in 2021 as part of ENDURING CARE, a program of seven new videos highlighting strategies of community care within the ongoing HIV epidemic.

About the artist
Abdul-Aliy A. Muhammad is a Philadelphia born writer, organizer, and co-founder of the Black and Brown Workers Co-op. In their work, they often trouble ideas of medical surveillance, bodily autonomy, and Blackness. ︎ ︎

Uriah Bussey is a non-binary archival visual artist and educator from Cobbs Creek, Philly. Their practice spans printmaking, performance, and video and offers a dialogue with their personal archive, death, living spaces, and memory. What they hope to translate is that Black home spaces become a portal. It's a language between us, only. As well as how technology and print plays a function in keeping, sharing, and removing. There are many answers in the "archive", Bussey is trying to figure out what are the right questions to ask. Bussey received their BFA from Kutztown University and is a current artist in residence at 40th Street AIR Program in Philadelphia.

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